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Safety Documentation

Safety & Documentation

The safety of your clients, customers, your staff and ours is a high priority of the Scrub Management Team. It is important to select a service provider who has an effective safety management program in place. Scrub understands that Facilities operate more effectively when safety 1st considerations are part of the employment equation leading to improved productivity.

  • As Homeland Security clears all Scrub Inc. employees assigned to O'Hare International Airport, comprehensive background screening is offered for all field employees
  • Safety orientation is mandatory for all employees prior to assignment
  • All employees are thoroughly trained through Scrub's Job Instructional training (JIT) which includes hazardous materials, proper equipment use and emergency response procedure
  • Scrub's proprietary training program developed over 40 years in the industry includes both classroom and filed training
  • Additional classroom training as required is mandatory to refresh current protocols, disburse new information and procedure
  • Scrub's staff includes OSHA Certified Trainers and Auditors
  • Work site inspections are conducted regularly to identify potential hazards and compliance irregularities
  • The Scrub management team is instructed in proper scheduling protocol to eliminate injuries related to fatigue
  • All employees for the first 30 days of employment remain on probationary status assuring only the most productive and safety conscious employee remain on the Scrub team long-term
Businesses spend billions of dollars annually on costs associated with injuries that often could have been avoided with a strong safety program in place. Scrub understands the value of working in tandem with our client to provide the safest possible environment at their facility. Our objective is to assure you that through our safety program your facility productivity always remains at an optimum level while maintaining a safe environment.

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